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Try These Tricks to Make You Happy

01 April

Remember happiness stems from you!  Your life circumstances account for about 10 percent of happiness, 50 percent is genetics, while 40 percent is influenced by everyday thoughts and behaviors.  You can be happier by simply adjusting your language, posture and day to day habits! Vocabulary ~~ Remove your negative words and change them to positive. 

Are You Ready to Save Money?

30 March

Now is the time to work from home with Girlicity!  During this unsettled time, it’s a great opportunity to realize how much you would actually save if you worked from home.  Have you checked out ways you can save?  Here are just a few! FOOD – American workers spend around $1,000 on coffee and $2,000

Ways to Reduce Anxiety During Unsettled Times

27 March

During these unsettled times, we need to remember ways to reduce our stress and anxiety.  Check out some of our suggestions! Stay in Your Time Zone – stop thinking about the future and start thinking of right now. Breathe In and Out – take time for some deep cleansing breaths throughout the day and focus

Keeping Kids Busy While You Work From Home

25 March

You work from home and now the kids are home.  It’s time to adjust our schedule.  Here are some tips and activities to keep everyone happy! Virtual play dates ~ Depending on the age of your kids, schedule a video play date or chit chat with your kids’ best friends Reading a fun story or

Work for Yourself, Not By Yourself!

20 March

Girlicity has full time office hours to support you every step of your Work From Home journey. We also have all the resources and research you need to support yourself. What are you waiting for, get started today! Get Started Now: www.girlicity.start Contact Us: Fill out our Contact Form Call Us Toll Free: 844-754-2489  

Girlicity Premier Partner Voucher Offer Available!

19 March

Get started with Girlicity today!  Our cruise industry, travel industry and hospitality industry are in dire need of at home call center agents.  We have vouchers available to help make certification at NO COST or just $20!  This offer won’t last long, reach out today! ***Voucher offer applies to certain courses. Contact us to find

Girlicity’s Travel Industry Clients Are In Need Due To COVID-19!

18 March

We understand the uncertainty with jobs during this time. Our cruise industry, travel industry and hospitality industry is in dire need of at home call center agents. We have classes starting in just a couple of weeks and you could be on the phones by May! Review our website and if interested in learning more,

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8000 Strong

04 January

We are proud to say we have over 8000 members. We could not have grown so successful without our wonderful team. If you want to learn more on how you can join our winning IBO, call us 844-754-2489, inbox us, or email us. Click Here to Contact Us  or TOLL FREE: 1-8-GIRL-I-CITY (844-754-2489)

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