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Girlicity Talks ~ Working From Home When School is Out

15 June

School is out for the summer!  Your kids are home but you still need to work.  How do we balance working from home with our summer fun?  Here are some ideas and tips to help you make the most of your summer, while also being able to work. Adjust your schedule ~ It’s your business,

Work for The Happiest Place on Earth ~ Join Girlicity Today!

06 June

The happiest place on earth is on the board!  This is a very popular and fun client!  Join Girlicity today and you can be working from home in your PJs!  Certification begins July 16, 2018. Click Here to Contact Us  TOLL FREE: 1-8-GIRL-I-CITY (844-754-2489)

Girlicity Talks ~ Eating Healthy While Working From Home

05 June

Once you begin working from home with Girlicity, remember to stay energized by having your healthy snacks close by and meals prepared for the times you may be working in the evening.  Working from home doesn’t mean we have all the time in the world, but we can manage our time wisely to prepare healthy

Join Girlicity ~ A Premier Partner!

31 May

Have you made the decision to work from home?  Are you looking for a Premier Partner Independent Business Owner (IBO) that is honest, transparent, available, fun, positive and encouraging? We are all of that and more.  Check out our REAL reviews from our team members on our Facebook page.  We help guide you through the

Military Members ~ Join Girlicity Today!

30 May

Are you a military member, active duty, spouse, veteran or retired?  You will receive 50% off your first certification (up to $150).  Partner with Girlicity today! Get started working from home with Girlicity!  Even if you move around the United States, you can take this work with you!  (States excluded are: California, Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York,

Girlicity Talks ~ Working From Home ~ Ways to Stay Motivated

29 May

You are now working from home and are super excited, until….your favorite TV show is on, the laundry is piling up and you have to get it done, your kids got home from school and it’s time to help with homework…. We have all procrastinated many times!  Now it’s time to get motivated and enjoy

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