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Try These Tricks to Make You Happy

01 April

Remember happiness stems from you!  Your life circumstances account for about 10 percent of happiness, 50 percent is genetics, while 40 percent is influenced by everyday thoughts and behaviors.  You can be happier by simply adjusting your language, posture and day to day habits!

  1. Vocabulary ~~ Remove your negative words and change them to positive.  Example: Instead of “I’m so tired,” try saying, “I need to recharge.”
  2. Stand up straight ~~ Slouching may make you feel more blah.  Sit upright while working from home, it’s better for your mood!
  3. Do something nice ~~ Volunteer, donate to your favorite charity, call a family member or friend that you haven’t talked to in a while.
  4. Smile! ~~ Even when you don’t feel like smiling, just smile!  It lowers stress levels and will cause to you actually feel happy.
  5. Unplug – REALLY unplug! ~~ Electronic devices stimulate the brain too much, not allowing us to fully relax.  Take a walk outside instead to boost your vitamin D intake.

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