About Girlicity

Girlicity is 100% responsible, 100% legitimate, and 100% an awesome company. We help connect call center companies in a virtual work force to many of the largest companies in the United States and the world.

Our mission is to help as many people as possible find their passion and take control of their business career. It’s our passion. If you have ever thought of working from home by starting your own at home call center but had no clue where to start, we are here to help you!

As an Independent Business Owner with Arise Virtual Solutions, we can offer you an opportunity to start your own at home call center company. With Girlicity Virtual Solutions, you get access top notch client opportunities, support and — most importantly — great incentives!

A Message from Girlicity’s CEO & Founder, Keri Catoe

Keri CatoeHi! Thank you for your interest in Girlicity. We’re excited to help you achieve your dreams. I am a work-from-home-mom with a son who stays extremely busy with after-school activities. My husband is self-employed, so we have always been blessed to have a very flexible schedule. I went back to work outside of the home thinking I would make more money and have the social interaction that I was missing. Sadly, that was not the case.

At my OLD J-O-B, I was working odd hours, was promised flexibility
and they never followed up on their promises.

The amount of money I was making was not worth the time and effort I had to put into it, including getting ready and the dreaded commute. So, I decided to make an effort to find something that I could do from home. During the time I was working outside of the home, I had a friend send me several messages about the call center company she had from home and thought it would interest me. Honestly, at first, I blew it off thinking that it could be a scam. But after spending time picking her brain about it, I found that it is a true work-from-home call center opportunity! She had been doing it for several years successfully.

So, I made the leap and left my job to take on this new life as a Business Owner and Work-From-Home-Mom. I immediately registered and signed up. I certified with my first client in 30 days and started working on the phone right away! My goal is to grow my business and have a successful group of caring people that I can help to become successful call center companies like us.

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