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Leading Home Improvement Supplier Needs Agents!

31 March

Join Girlicity today and work from the comfort of your home!  You could be taking inbound customer service calls from a leading home improvement supplier.  Be your own boss and set your own hours!  Now is the time! Join Us Today: Contact Us:  Click Here to Contact Us TOLL FREE:  844-754-2489

Girlicity Celebrates Women’s History Month!

29 March

Girlicity CEO, Keri Catoe, had a dream!  Look at Girlicity now, over 9,000 members and growing!  Dreams do come true!  Check out this glimpse into her life.  Girlicity continues to help thousands make their work from home dream a possibility, you can be next!  What are you waiting for?   Join Us Today: Contact Us:  Click

Major Cruise Line Needs Agents!

25 March

Join Girlicity today and you could be taking inbound calls from a major cruise line!  Certification begins April 12, 2021.  Don’t let this ship set sail, join today! Join Us Today: Contact Us:  Click Here to Contact Us TOLL FREE:  844-754-2489

Happy Monday!

22 March

Ready to enjoy your Monday?  Join Girlicity and you could enjoy the flexibility of having off on Mondays OR servicing calls.   The choice is up to you!  We love Mondays!  Get started with Girlicity and you will too!  Enjoy your week! Join Us Today: Contact Us: Click Here to Contact Us TOLL FREE: 844-754-2489

Let’s Get Moving!

15 March

Remember when working from home take time to get up and get moving!  Any type of movement will help relieve stress, relieve tension in the neck or back and elevate your mood. There are some exercises you can do from your office chair: Raise your arms above your head and stretch Roll your ankles one

Don’t Forget to Spring Forward!

12 March

It’s Daylight Savings Time! Remember to spring forward, turn your clock ahead 1 hour Sunday March 14th (or before you go to bed Saturday night) REMINDERS:  Check your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide alarms!  

Work From Home and Save Money!

10 March

Have you really added up all those times you: ~~ grabbed your coffee at the drive thru on your way to work ~~ how much money you spent on gas for the week ~~ how much you spent eating out Think about it, really think about it!  Now take some time to think about working

Reach Your Goals With Girlicity!

08 March

It’s Monday, are you ready for a new week?  Have you set a goal to start working from home?  Today is the day to start with Girlicity!  Let us show you how to get started earning supplemental income; part time or full time!  Girlicity is here to help you achieve your goals! Join Us Today:

Join Girlicity Today!

03 March

Ready to go all in and start working from home?  Are you looking for supplemental income, want to pay off some debt, need some extra fun money?  Now is the time to get started!  Girlicity will help you through the process and has a voucher to help with the cost of certification!  You choose the

Girlicity Monday Motivation

01 March

Don’t want to work Mondays, no problem!   Join Girlicity and you will have full control of when you work and when you take time off.  You are your own boss and set your own schedule! Join Us Today: Contact Us: Click Here to Contact Us TOLL FREE:  844-754-2489

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