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National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day!

04 August

Did you know?

August 4th is known as National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day!

  • The chocolate chip cookie was invented by Ruth Graves Wakefield in the 1930s. She ran the Toll House Inn in Whitman, Massachusetts. One day, she decided to mix broken pieces of semi-sweet chocolate into her cookie dough, hoping it would melt and create an all-chocolate cookie. Instead, the chocolate chips retained their shape, and the result was the iconic chocolate chip cookie we know today.
  • Ruth Wakefield’s invention of the chocolate chip cookie led to a partnership with Andrew Nestle, who bought her recipe in exchange for a lifetime supply of chocolate. Nestle’s brand of semi-sweet chocolate chips became famous and played a significant role in popularizing the chocolate chip cookie.
  • The world’s largest chocolate chip cookie weighed a whopping 40,000 pounds! It had a diameter of 101 feet and was created in 2003 in Flat Rock, North Carolina.
  • Today, the Nestlé Toll House brand is synonymous with chocolate chips and chocolate chip cookies, and they remain one of the most popular brands for baking chocolate chip cookies

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