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Daily FAQ: What are all of the costs involved with getting started?

21 January

In order to partner with Girlicity and be given the opportunity to provide your services to clients, you must complete the following which is considered your investment into your own business.

The following are the admissions fee’s:

  1. CSP 101 – $99 (Don’t pay full price as this course goes on sale often for as low as $5) *Military families receive this course for free (proof required). Click HERE for instructions for military. Click HERE for tips on taking the CSP101.
  2. Certification Course for the client you choose starts at $4.99 up to $289. *Military families, receive up to $150.00 towards their first client certification course! Click HERE for instructions for military.
  3. Background Check ($12.95, however this may vary by State). If you have felonies or bank fraud charges then you may not be eligible to provide services. Click HERE for information on background checks.
These fee’s are paid to Arise Virtual Solutions, not Girlicity. 

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