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Maximizing Fitness While Working From Home: Tips for Finding Time to Work Out

13 March

In the era of remote work, the line between our personal and professional lives has become increasingly blurred. With the convenience of working from home comes the challenge of finding time for self-care, including exercise. Balancing work responsibilities with fitness goals may seem daunting, but with some strategic planning and determination, integrating workouts into your

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Exercise Equipment Client Needs Agents!

25 August

Join Girlicity today and you could certify with a major exercise equipment client at NO COST to you!!!  Girlicity has a voucher available making this certification free!  Certification begins September 7, 2021.  Hurry as this will fill fast! Join Us Today: girlicity.com/start Contact Us: Click Here to Contact Us TOLL FREE: 844-754-2489

Let’s Get Moving!

15 March

Remember when working from home take time to get up and get moving!  Any type of movement will help relieve stress, relieve tension in the neck or back and elevate your mood. There are some exercises you can do from your office chair: Raise your arms above your head and stretch Roll your ankles one

Major Fitness Retailer Now Available!

15 January

Join Girlicity today!  Now is the time!  You have a chance to take incoming customer service calls from a major fitness retailer.  Work from the comfort of your home, set your own hours, be your own boss and earn supplemental revenue.  This certification begins February 8, 2021.  Girlicity also has a voucher available to help

Girlicity Talks ~ Exercises to do at Your Desk

26 June

Working from home sitting at a desk all day can be stressful.  Girlicity offers some easy exercises you can do from your desk and in your home that will have you feeling great! Shoulders and Neck – This is the area with the most tension build up when sitting at a desk all day.  Roll

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