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What It’s Like to Be Your Own Boss with Girlicity and Arise Virtual Solutions

14 September

Watch our latest YouTube video interviewing an Arise Agent, Myssie H. We have asked Myssie to describe her personal experience what it’s like to be an Arise Agent partnered with Girlicity.

Myssie: “You get to get up and enjoy your coffee. You get to send your kids off to school. Take them to school — if you have kids still in school. You get to go to school with them, volunteer, you can go on field trips, you can go to their sports, then you can come home and work for a couple of hours, while they are doing their stuff, then go pick them up and then if you want to work more you can work more. So … it’s pretty laid back. It’s very nice to work from home. You set your own hours. You can take off when you want. Then you know you can definitely, if they have a field trip, get to take off I got to take off many times, and go on field trips which were awesome. And you know if you have other appointments you can take off and do that. You work your schedule around your life.”

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