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Create A New Routine

06 April

Our regular routine has been disrupted and it may seem more challenging to maintain some type of normalcy.  The more we stick to a new routine, the easier it becomes.  When we have structure and consistency, it will help us create a new normal to balance everything.  Check out some ways to help add structure to your day.

Decide What’s Important: Make a list of what really matters to you.  Work responsibilities, keeping family happy and occupied, eating well and mindset are just a few.

Adapt Activities: Did you have an “I’ll do it someday” list?  Now is the time to tackle it!  Clean out that closet or start a daily meditation.  Was Friday your happy hour with friends?  Make it a virtual one!

Make a Plan: Once you decide what you want to do, make a schedule.  Post it on your fridge, kitchen counter, or bathroom mirror.  Be kind to yourself as you settle into a new groove and make needed changes along the way!

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