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Attention NON Mac Owners, This job only comes once a year! Hurry!

18 July

This is a RARE chance to get into the program and NOT own a Mac Computer! I got into this one last year and the SENT me a FREE Mac Mini! As long as you certify and service for 90 days, it is yours to keep! Right now there is NO indication that they will send you a Mac Mini, but I have never seen anyone service this client without a Mac computer. They have opened this opportunity up for Windows users!

This is an amazing opportunity to work from home taking incoming sales calls for one of the largest computer and technology companies in the WORLD! I service this client and can attest that it is an amazing client to take calls for. Pay is great, hours are great and most importantly the folks that get in on this client don’t leave! That is why this client only comes up on the job board once a year! Don’t miss this one even if you don’t own a Mac computer! Contact me if you would like to know more!

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