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Step 4: Select a Client Program

During this step you will have access to the client opportunities board where you can see what projects are available. You have the flexibility to choose the client program that you would like to service. Our clients include many Fortune 100 companies such as cable companies, cruise lines, retail stores and many more. All classes are FREE! There will be a $30 background check fee when you register for your first class. The background check will be good for 36 months.


The client certification courses are typically anywhere between 5 and 30 days (M-F). Once you certify, you will be offered the opportunity to provide your services to that client and can start work immediately!

Make sure you review the checklist and the technical requirements before enrolling.

The client board changes often so if you don’t see a client that suits you, be patient as something may come up that will match your talents and availability.

By this time you should have received an invite to join the Girlicity Private Facebook page. Make sure to join our Facebook page as this is where the client pay rates are posted along with any special voucher offers and important announcements.



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