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Happy Mother’s Day from Girlicity!

12 May

Have a great Mother’s Day!

Have you heard these fun facts about Mother’s Day?

  • The official founder of Mother’s Day in the United States is Anna Jarvis. She campaigned for the holiday after her mother’s death in 1905 and it became an official holiday in 1914.
  • Mother’s Day is one of the busiest days for the restaurant industry in the United States. Many families take their mothers out for a special meal to celebrate the occasion.
  • Mother’s Day is a popular day for gift-giving. Common gifts include flowers, cards, chocolates, jewelry, and spa treatments.
  • In the United States, Mother’s Day is the third-largest retail holiday, following Christmas and Valentine’s Day. It generates billions of dollars in sales each year.
  • Carnations are the traditional flowers of Mother’s Day. It is said that Anna Jarvis chose white carnations as the symbol for the holiday because they were her mother’s favorite flower.
  • The most common way of addressing one’s mother is “Mom” in the United States, while other terms like “Mum,” “Mummy,” “Mother,” or “Mama” are used in different cultures and regions.

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