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30 June

Working from home is a great option.  We want to be happy with the “long commute” (hopefully a few steps) to our home office.  If we dread going to our office because we are not comfortable in our office chair, then it’s time to upgrade!

A big, cushy chair may feel great at first, but in the long run may cause you to slouch.  A stiff leather chair can support your upper back, but the middle of your back is left with a gap and a pillow just isn’t working.

Here are some ergonomic tips on finding the right office chair:

  • Make sure the chair is adjustable for your height and it provides lower back (lumbar) support.
  • Your chair allows even weight distribution and is at least 1 inch wider than your hips/thighs on either side.
  • Seat height should be adjustable where your knees are level with your feet firm on the ground.
  • Armrests should be comfortable and adjustable.

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