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Girlicity Do’s and Dont’s When Working From Home

13 January

Girlicity is all about working from the comfort of your home in your PJs!  Here are a few do’s and dont’s when you are working from home.

DO:  Have a plan of action for your day!

DON’T:  Try to wing it.  You will end up walking around aimlessly, with nothing accomplished!

DO:  Take care of yourself by taking frequent breaks, stretching, and taking care of your health!

DON’T:  Sit for long periods at a time.  This could cause neck and back pain as well as other health problems.

DO:  Have a dedicated work space that is quiet and free of distractions.

DON’T:  Set up your workspace in a noisy, high traffic area of your home.

DO:  Make time for family fun!

DON’T:  Let your work consume you.

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