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First Day of Winter has Arrived!

21 December

The first day of winter, also known as the winter solstice, is typically around December 21st in the Northern Hemisphere. Here are some fun facts about this special day: Shortest Day of the Year: The winter solstice marks the shortest day and the longest night of the year. This occurs because the Earth’s axial tilt

Dreaming of Working From Home?

18 December

Dream no more!  Are you ready to escape the commute, escape the traffic?  Ready to work from the comfort of your home office? Now is the time to join Girlicity and work from home!  We will support you through your journey and make the dream a reality! Join Girlicity Today: Contact Us: TOLL FREE:  844-754-2489

National Cupcake Day!

15 December

National Cupcake Day is a delightful celebration that brings joy to dessert lovers around the world. Here are five fun facts about this sweet occasion: Sweet Celebration: National Cupcake Day is observed on December 15th in the United States. While cupcakes are enjoyed year-round, this day provides an extra reason to indulge in these miniature,

‘Tis the Season of Giving

11 December

Give the gift of working from home to your friends and family! Do you know someone struggling financially?  Share Girlicity with them!  We can help them get on the right track by providing an opportunity to work from home.  Will you share this gift today? Join Girlicity Today: Contact Us:  Click Here to Contact Us TOLL

The Happiest Place on Earth Needs Agents!

05 December

Get started with Girlicity and you could be taking inbound customer service calls for the happiest place on earth!  Certification begins January 8, 2024.  This is a popular client and will fill up quickly.  Don’t delay, join us today! Join Girlicity Today: Contact Us:  Click Here to Contact Us TOLL FREE:  844-754-2489

National Cookie Day!

04 December

How will you celebrate national cookie day?  Which is your favorite?  Enjoy! Origin of National Cookie Day: National Cookie Day is a celebration of one of America’s most beloved treats. The day was started by the Blue Chip Cookie Company in 1987. Blue Chip Cookie Company is known for its gourmet cookies and wanted to

Welcome to December!

01 December

Have you heard of these fun facts about the month of December? December’s Birthstones: The birthstones for December are turquoise, zircon, and tanzanite. These gemstones are known for their beautiful blue hues. Zodiac Signs: The two zodiac signs associated with December are Sagittarius (until December 21) and Capricorn (from December 22 onward). Winter Solstice: December

Tips to Balance Working from Home with Family Life!

30 November

Balancing work from home and personal life can be challenging, but it’s essential for maintaining overall well-being and productivity. Here are some tips to help you strike a balance: Establish a Routine: Set regular working hours to create a clear distinction between work and personal time. Include breaks in your schedule to avoid burnout. Short

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