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Girlicity’s Referral Program Incentive Promotion!

For every person that refers a new team member to Girlicity that enrolls, certifies with a client and services an Arise client for 45 days, you will receive up to a $100 referral incentive! In order to qualify your referral must also put in the Girlicity CSP ID of 936240 OR your CSP ID (make sure to give this to them!) as the “Who referred you” part of the Arise application. You also MUST fill out the referral form to qualify and it must be filled our PRIOR to them joining Girlicity. Get out there and spread the word! Get names and email addresses and watch your paycheck grow! *if you are not servicing a client and refer a new CSP, your referral will be paid after you have serviced an Arise production SOW contract for at least 45 days. 

Tell Everyone You Know about the Arise Platform Give them your CSPID and EARN UP TO $100 for every qualified registrant that signs up! So many ways to earn!


In order for you to be eligible for the 2018 Fall Referral Program, the new registrant MUST DO the following:

  1. CSP that you refer must create his or her profile between now and December 31, 2018
  2. CSP that you refer must enter the User ID/CSPID for you when asked “Did you learn about the Arise Platform from a call center or one of their agents?” during the profile creation process at
  3. CSP that you refer must sign up to use the Arise Platform AND enroll in a client program within eight (8) days or less of creating his or her profile, AND successfully certify for the client program

    * The days to sign up to use the Arise Platform, include the time it may take to reset a profile due to any inactivation
    * If the registrant drops, fails, or is cancelled (voluntarily or involuntarily) from the first course selected, they will not have met the eligibility requirements

The registrant must successfully certify for the client program If the registrant meets the requirements listed above (1-3), you will receive $50.

In addition, if the registrant meets all the above requirements AND services the client program immediately after becoming certified, for at least 45 days, you will receive an additional $50*.

*The agent must continue to meet Arise and client metrics set forth in the applicable SOW during the 45-day time.

*Payments will be made once Arise has processed and verified all of the data for the referral.

Help your friend, then help yourself to a hundred bucks! It's our way of saying a big thank you for being a big help. *Payments made after 45 days of friend servicing a client.
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