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Do I have to submit a drug test?

Some clients may also require a drug test or an additional background check at no extra cost to you. If the client requires this, it will be outlined in the announcement on the portal and must be completed prior to the first day of class. *Important drug test information – please do not drink a lot of water prior to your test or your results may come back as “negative dilute” which means you have to retake it. Also note that if the client requires a drug test, please take it as soon as you possibly can. If you wait until the last minute you may not get course access and fall behind. 

*** Understand that it can take up to a week for Arise to receive and process your drug test. The drug test is considered part of your background check. You will not have access to pre-work or course-work until Arise has received and processed your test. Please make every effort to complete as early as possible to avoid not having access to important course-work.

*** If your test has not been processed in time for the start of your course, reach out to your instructor for a direct link to get to class. Do not miss class because your drug test has not been received. Make sure to reach out to enrollment support right away to get the status and find out your next step to get it processed.

The following clients require a Drug Test:

  • Interactions
  • Carnival
  • MDLive
  • Home Depot
  • Comcast
  • Sears SHS Tech Spec

What happens if I did not receive my drug test email?

Once the First Advantage profile is completed, the vendor will send the drug screen order form by email from (this is a “no reply” email address) to the email address provided. It can take up to 1 to 2 hours to receive the drug screen order email from the vendor. The email drug screen order form OR the Order Registration number (located in the email) along with a valid photo identification is required to complete the drug screen at the drug screen collection site.

To ensure receipt of this email:

  • Add the domain to your ‘safe senders list’ or allow emails from FADV/First Advantage;
  • Ensure accurate information is entered within the vendor profile.

Please note, the vendor profile is separate from the Arise profile – Arise does not share information with the vendor. 

If the drug screen order form has not been received at the email address entered on the form after 2 hours and was not found in spam and junk folders, I will need to transfer you to an Enrollment specialist for further assistance.  To reach Enrollment Support chat go to the Arise Portal and click the blue button in the lower right corner.  Then type your question, click send, and follow the prompts.

Enrollment Support Chat is available: Monday to Friday, 8 AM – 12 AM (EST), except on Federal Holidays.

*** Please be assured that the drug test form does not have an expiration and will be available to use throughout the duration of your certification course.

*** Your drug test is valid for 6 months. After 6 months, you will be required to take a drug test with the third-party vendor, FirstAdvantage.

*** Please note, Arise has a zero-tolerance policy for drug use. Marijuana, even with a medical authorization, is not a valid exception to a positive drug test result.

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