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Can I service more than 1 client?

Yes, absolutely. We do not recommend taking 2 certification courses at the same time though. Each class is a commitment of 4 hours class time a day and 2-3 hours homework which would equal 12-14 hours committed a day to 2 clients. Not to mention you are taking in a lot of information and it is easy to get overwhelmed with two classes. My advice would be to finish one class, service the client for at least the first SOW period so that you feel proficient enough to handle the client and then take on a second client. 

*** If you are under a certification SOW and decide to end your SOW early, that is considered dropping a certification course to Arise and you will be required to wait 30 days before enrolling in another certification course. I highly advise enrolling in another course before you drop your current SOW.

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