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What is a voucher? How do I request a voucher?

From time to time Girlicity may offer a voucher to help reduce the cost of a certification course. The vouchers will either be for a limited time, select clients or be given by a scholarship or relief fund.

Steps to receive a voucher

  1. Fill out the qualification checklist for the client that you are requesting a voucher for: HERE
    ** You must have an active Girlicity Support account. If you have not registered, please follow this link and allow up to 24 hours for activation.
  2. Start the registration process with the client of your choice, but DO NOT PAY.
  3. Fill out the form below and choose “I need to request a voucherwhen you reach the payment screen.
  4. We apply the voucher and send you an email letting you know you can continue the process and checkout. (vouchers may take up to 24 business hours to be applied)
  5. Checkout will reflect the voucher and you will pay the discounted price (or $0 if the voucher covers the full course cost).


*You will be required to submit a screenshot of the PC Scan you run on your computer on the Arise Portal. You can locate the PC Scan on the top right corner of the Portal:



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